Want to play with the pros at the 2021 World Series of Poker? Here’s what you need to know

Get ready, poker pros. The 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event starts Thursday, November 4. 

To enter the tournament and battle against the pros, you need to pony up $10,000.The competition will end on Wednesday, November 17.

Players are particularly stoked about this year’s WSOP because it’s fully in-person again. Last year, the pandemic shifted the dynamics and moved the action online, dimming the usual fanfare.

How much can you win if you play in the 2021 WSOP Main Event?

2019’s Main Event winner Hossein Ensan nabbed a cool $10,000,000. 2020 winner Damián Salas only won $2,500,000 because it was online and fewer people participated. 

This year? No word yet, but the champion could take home as much as $8,000,000 or more. 

2021 Main Event Schedule

  • Day 1A: Thursday November 4  - 11am PT
  • Day 1B: Friday November 5 - 11am PT
  • Day 1C: Saturday November 6 - 11am PT
  • Day 1D: Sunday November 7- 11am PT
  • Day 2AB: Monday November 8 - 11am PT
  • Day 2CD: Tuesday November 9  - 11am PT
  • Day 3: Wednesday November 10  - 11am PT
  • Day 4: Thursday November 11 - 11am PT
  • Day 5: Friday November 12 - 11am PT
  • Day 6: Saturday November 13 - 11am PT
  • Day 7: Sunday November 14  - 11am PT
  • Day off: Monday November 15
  • Day 8 (final table): Tuesday November 16 - 1:30pm PT
  • Day 9 (final table): Wednesday November 17 - 1:30pm PT

 Remember, you MUST be fully vaccinated if you want to play. Check out the complete WSOP schedule here.

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